Guide to Pre-workout Supplements

When it comes to pre workout nutrition many people are unsure how to use such supplements effectively. MyProtein have a vast pre-workout range, but which is best for you and how should you use it with your training?

Supplement: Exceed

Active Ingredients: BCAA’s, beta alanine, citrulline malate, vitamin B5

Benefits: Provides amino acids to the working muscles, prevents muscle wastage during training especially in a fasted state, buffers lactic acid during training so you can train harder for longer. 

Cons: No simple sugars for endurance events so add dextrose if you want exceed to use as an endurance drink.

Training type: Perfect for fasted weight training or cardio, general gym training to help your muscles push harder and provide amino acids to the working tissues, good endurance drink if not wanting to take on board sugars, add sugars for longer events, can help weight loss when training due to delivery of aminos and overall work rate. 

How to take it: Mix up the 18-20g dose, drink ½ 15 minutes pre training, sip at the other ½ during the first 30 minutes of your training session. If using it as an endurance drink make up a larger dose, add sugar and consume for longer depending on the event. 

Comment: Exceed is my favorite MP blend. Great to support your training regardless of what it is, amino acid delivery during training is proved to be of benefit, and the dose of lactate buffering agents is ideal for anyone looking to push themselves. Is this MP’s most versatile peri-workout drink, yes!

Supplement: Creastorm® 

Active Ingredients: Carbohydrate blend, creapure, taurine, ribose, magnesium citrate

Benefits: Provides carbohydrates and ‘insulin mimicking’ amino acids to increase the absorption of the creatine as well as D Ribose and Magnesium Citrate to further enhance the body’s phosphagen system and replenishment of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) a molecule needed for the muscles to contract effectively. 

Cons: High sugar so not applicable for everyone or all sports or training types 

Training type: Perfect for hard gainers in the gym, endurance sports, people on a mass or strength cycle. 

How to take it: Mix up the 30g dose, if you are weight training and gain fat easily then start to drink after you have started your workout, if you are a hard gainer and need all the calories you can get then consume 30 minutes pre workout and during your workout too. Can also use as an endurance blend, could be mixed with exceed during long training events such as triathlon, strongman training and football. 

Comment: Not ideal taken pre workout for people that gain fat easily as insulin sensitivity is still high. Ideal for hard gainers as provides more calories for training plus the added benefit of creatine. For strength trainers consume during workout. For an inside tip add this blend to whey protein, it will make an ideal post workout drink as it’s got all the right ingredients that’s great when budgeting.

Supplement: Pulse® V4

Active Ingredients: Arginine AAKG, L-tyrosine, taurine, dextrose, creapure, beta alanine, guarana extract, caffeine. 

Benefits: Increases intensity, drive, mental focus, increase muscular pump and vascularity. Could be used for fasted training as the new Pulse V4 only has 8 calories per serving which shouldn’t push the body out of it’s fat burning state as there are only 2g of carbohydrates. 

Cons: High in caffeine which some are sensitive too

Training type: Perfect for hard trainers in the gym, will make you push harder, can be used in sport pre game at a lower dose to hone in mental focus and concentration. 

How to take it: Mix up between 10-20g pre workout depending on the desired dosage wanted. Take 15-20 minutes pre workout or game. 

Comment: Much improved on the last pulse formula, not as sweet and less sugar per serving with more active ingredients. Not ideal taken pre workout for late at night trainers as caffeine has a half life of 6 hours (half life is the time a substance remains in the blood after ingestion). So I would not take the dose any later than 5-6pm at the latest. People have varying sensitivities to caffeine which when sensitive will effect sleep which of course is essential for recovery. Even if you take it late and can still sleep bear in mind it will not be ideal for long term health due to the stress it will place on the adrenal glands. 

Supplement: Tri-carb

Active Ingredients: Tri carb blend, electrolytes 

Benefits: Increases endurance capacity 

Cons: Only applicable in endurance events or sports 

Training type: Perfect for endurance events such as triathlon, marathons, football and other sports lasting longer than 60 minutes at high intensity. 

How to take it: Mix up 50g per 700ml of fluid. Start taking after the 1st 15-20 minutes of training and continue to drink during the training or sporting event. 

Comment: Perfect for the above, very linear use, only really for endurance events, has benefit over other single carbohydrate sources due to the blend of carbohydrates and the added benefit of electrolytes.