Worst 25 Supplement Pills

1. Ma Huang – This can be dangerous. Contains amphetamine like compounds that will over stimulate the cardiovascular and central nervous system elevating heart rate.

2. Birndleberry – This ‘appetite suppressant’ was found to be no more effective than placebo.

3. Fat Binders – Reasearch found fat binders ‘trapped’ less than 10 calories of fat per day.

4. Iron – Rare for men to iron deficiant – average intake is 41% more than you need. Taking extra won’t make you stronger.

5. Guarana – Caffeine in high doses can contribute to adrenal exhaustion and inhibit blood sugar control.

6. Glucosamine – Help relieve stiffness in arthritis sufferers, nut its not effective in prevention.

7. Vitamin C – Studies indicate that high Vitamin C foods were more effective than isolated vitmain C alone.

8. ACAI – Claims can lose 30lbs in a week! Acai maybe nutrient dense vitamin C rich but pills wont help shift any weight.

9. Vitamin A – High levels can cause liver damage.

10. Capsaicin – This chemical which can make chillies hot can increase fat burn but you will get the same metabolism spike just from eating spicy food.

11. Collagen – Lack of solid research on the effectiveness of collagen as an ant age product means it cannot be recommended.

12. Herbal Testosterone – Can be detrimental to your health and many are banned in competitive sport.

13. Thermogenic Supplements – Herbal preperations designed to boost metabolic rate dont seem to work.

14. A-Z Vitamin – Many cheap muti-vitamins come in synthetic pills which are hard to digest. Buy capsules with natural ingredients.

15. Melatonin – May impact long term on the bodys ability to find own sleep pattern affecting recovery.

16. Hoodia – Evidence suggests may aid slimming but effectiveness of the plant in pill form are unproven.

17. Vitamin E – Evidence suggests may increase risk of getting prostate cancer.

18. Calcium – Made from calcium carbonate the body cannot absorb much from cheap supplements.

19. St Johns Wort – Can speed the breakdown of many prescription drugs and reduce effectiveness.

20. Phytosterol – Can lower ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol when taken with spreads and yoghurt drinks. But you may need medication from your GP too.

21. Kava – Root used to relieve stress, anxiety and tension but may cause liver damage.

22. Milk Thistle – Risky to presume that by taking this it is going to protect your liver from liver damage.

23. Yohimbe – Regular use for sexual dysfunction can cause high bllood pressure, heart problems, even death.

24. Laxatives – Using these to aid weight loss is dangerous. They force fluid loss which can lead to water retention and bowel problems.

25. Chlorophyll – Clinical evidence that it can detoxify your blood is lacking. Spend your money on green vegetables instead.